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I love making home made chocolates and have decided to make gifts for my family this year instead of buying Easter eggs. The rose chocolates are half dark and white chocolate and the hearts have a white chocolate and raspberry fondant in them.
First you need to decide what type of chocolates you are making. There are lots of different kits and equipment available. You can buy silicone moulds in all shapes and sizes. I got given a few as gifts and bought some more from here. I have been really impressed with both of the moulds I have. Maison Cupcake has just made some Easter chocolates with her kids using a kit from Lakeland which looks fantastic.

Secondly you need to decide if you are making plain chocolates or chocolates with a fondant. If you are making a fondant think about what flavours you want. I suggest having a search on the web for fondant recipe suggestions. I have a board on pinterest where I have collected a few. Make up your fondant in advance. I have included my random recipe for white chocolate and raspberry fondant.

Thirdly use good quality chocolate with a high cocoa content. In order to get the chocolate shiny and to make sure it doesn't bloom (create those cloudy white patches), you need to temper the chocolate. There are several ways of doing this as outlined in this useful Guardian article. I used the microwave option and this seemed to work fine.
If using a fondant make this up first. This can be done a day or morning before hand. 

I n order to introduce my fondant recipe I have a bit of a confession. I had another kitchen disaster the other day. Whilst making the icing for my raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes, I made a bit of a mistake. I realised that I didn't have any icing sugar for my butter icing. It was 5pm on a Sunday and most the shops were closed. Someone on twitter suggested I just grind up some normal granulated sugar. Brilliant I thought! So I gave it a go but I didn't have the right tools and my sugar didn't really grind down to a powder. But I decided to carry on anyway and ended up with some weird buttery granulated mess not fit for my lovely cupcakes. So I had to pop out and get icing sugar and was left with this strange but sweet concoction. In the end I decided to see what melting it would do and I ended up with white chocolate and raspberry gloop, which I decided to make  into truffles! Here is the recipe for my failed icing. I have reduced the quantities as you won't need much and will probably still have spare. 

You may want to use a proper fondant recipe from somewhere else but these do taste nice! You could just gently melt some white chocolate and add a flavouring such as strawberry or raspberry. Or try adding some orange zest to dark chocolate. Experiment away!.

For the white chocolate and raspberry fondant.40g softened butter
100g icing sugar
1 tablespoon of milk
5 raspberries (or more depending on how strong you want the flavour to be)
20g white chocolate chips
  1. Very gently heat all the ingredients in a pan until melted smooth and thick.
  2. Place in a plastic container to cool and then keep in the fridge until you want to use it.
Now for the chocolates.
Break up your good quality chocolate into a microwavable bowl. I always cook with dark chocolate. If cooking with milk or white chocolate it melts and can burn quicker, so be careful. Place the bowl in the microwave and put it on a very low heat. Be patient and don't try to do something else at the same time!  Even though the chocolate may not look melted it can be.  Keep checking the chocolate with your finger, gently touch one of the chocolate pieces to see if it is melted.  When some of the chocolate has melted, and the other pieces are very soft but not entirely melted, take the chocolate out of the microwave and stir until it is all melted and smooth. 

Now carefully fill each mould half way. Make sure you gently tap and wiggle the filled mould to make sure any air and bubbles escape. Place it in the fridge until set for about 30 minutes. Test the chocolate is set before adding your fondant or second layer of different coloured chocolate.

If you are adding fondant add a small blob into the centre of the mould. Chill whilst you re melt or prepare your second layer of chocolate. Now carefully fill the rest of the mould with chocolate and chill.

I made about 45 chocolates using 200g dark chocolate and 100g white chocolate.
When the chocolates are completly set gently remove the from the mould. They are now ready to be packaged and given away.


ann york
08/02/2013 17:09

Lovely chocolates.very easy to love them.

09/24/2013 22:23

These look lovely. How long does the fondant last for, as I would like to make gifts but not sure how quickly they would be ok for


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