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After the success of my Orange Pain au Chocolat using Jus Roll I thought I would try their croissants and play with some fillings at the same time. Again these croissants are denser and less flaky than fresh bakery croissants but it is nice to whip some up at home.

These would make a lovely Valentine's breakfast or weekend treat. I made my croissants with the following fillings:
- dried cranberries and chocolate
- coconut and chocolate
- orange and chocolate

I just popped a little bit of each filling into the croissants as I rolled them and made sure I put a little bit of filling on the top so that each flavour could be identified. For baking instructions I followed the directions on the Jus Roll packet.

NB: I bought the Jus Roll croissants myself.
I'm entering these croissants into the Breakfast Club created by Helen at Fuss Free Flavours and hosted by the lovely Janice from Farmer's Girl Kitchen.

The theme for this month is cooked or baked breakfast.



02/08/2013 11:05

I love Jusrol Croissants, they are not like normal croissants but I still love them and love your filling ideas! I love spreading a little nutella in hehe

02/08/2013 18:41

I didn't even know such a product existed, will have to look for it next time I go shopping. I love croissants and know that one day in the distant future I will have a go at making them myself. This sounds like a good compromise though and I like the sound of the cranberry and chocolate filling.


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