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In February I challenged you all to post recipes that used up leftover preserves.

I had a nice collection of entries, so sit back, have a read, and then get baking with all your leftover little bits of preserves.

March's No Waste Food Challenge is being hosted by Elizabeth's Kitchen and she has chosen the theme of eggs.

First up we have an entry from Amanda at My Golden Pear, she has made a Lemon Ping Pudding using the leftovers of some lemon curd. It is called a Ping pudding as it takes just 14 seconds in the microwave to bake. I am so glad that Amanda has entered this as I recently tried to make a microwave pudding from a recipe on pinterest and it was horrible. Next time I am craving a quick dessert I will give this a go. Amanda has also taken a beautiful photo of her entry. 
Penelope's Pantry made a fab sounding Padding Marmalade and Polenta cake. I haven't cooked with polenta for a while so will stick this on my to bake list. 
Next up we have my lovely challenge co-host, Elizabeth, who has made this decadent looking Esther's Orange Marmalade Layer Cake inspired by the Mitford novels and created originally by Talk of the House. Elizabeth wanted to free up some space in the fridge and use up half a jar of homemade marmalade. This recipe is also fab for using up any excess cream.
Next up we have a Ginger Preserve and Chocolate Cake entry from Jibber Jabber Uk who was given a jar of ginger preserve by her bargain hunting mum. The jar had sat in her cupboard for a while before this fab recipe was created.
This Marmalade and Carrot Ginger Spice Bread was made by 8&Ruth and might have to be my next bake as I have plenty of extra carrots to use up and half a jar of marmalade languishing at the back of the fridge. Thank you for joining in and providing such a tasty (and healthier) entry.
This is the only savoury entry this month, Orange and Lemon Chicken with Cous Cous by Foodie Quine. I already have the chicken and cous cous ready for this recipe, looks luscious.
Choclette made these amazing chocolate pancakes with Blackcurrant and Rose Compote. I wish Choclette was around to whip these up for me this weekend!
Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen was having a clear out of her freezer and to use up all the frozen berries she found she whipped up this quick mixed berry jam.
I made these jammy biscuits to use up lots of different leftover spoonfuls of homemade jam that I had.
I big thank you to everyone who joined in with your fab recipes!


03/02/2013 12:17

Some lovely inventive creations in there - I'm loving the look of that lemon ping cake!

03/02/2013 12:20

I know it looks fab doesn't it!

03/02/2013 20:14

Some really nice ideas there, somehow we never have any leftover jars of marmalade lurking anywhere in our house!

03/05/2013 07:23

All those marmalade cakes are making me think it's time to make one of my own. Thanks for the round-up.


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